I have taken a two year break from this blog to try and recover my own health. As I was blogging how to make bread, gingerale and goats milk caramel my own health was coming to a head. By august 2016 I was using a cane to get through my days, my husband tying my shoes, and I was planning my long term disability just after my 42nd birthday. I had diabetes, autoimmune issues, obesity, and a lot of anxiety and depression. I lived in chronic pain, and was pushing a size 20 pants. I had been a long term vegetarian/vegan (33 years). Trying to keep up with a full time job and homestead was daunting let alone keeping up with the blog.

I am ready to pick up where I left off, Dear Reader, but I find myself not being the same person I was before. Today as I write this I am 2 years in ketosis, almost 18 months away from using a cane, 60 pounds less, no diabetes, no autoimmune issues, rocking the size 12 pants and looking forward to and planning a future not including a lifetime of disability.

I am no longer running a greenhouse full of plants for food but rather have completely reinvented my food supply and am primary a carnivore. I eat meat, eggs, and cheese. I am rarely consuming anything from the plant kingdom at all and now I am ready to talk about it and encourage others to try this too if they are suffering with their own health. I am ready to talk about raising meat because I now have almost 2 years experience under my belt.

I must be honest with you that I do not know exactly where this blog as going as I feel I am still learning, but for the first time in a long time I think I have knowledge and perspective worth sharing again.


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